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Personal information policy

HOUKEN sangyo corporation (I say us in the following.) is managing this home page.
Further, it’s changed without notice about the carrying contents of our home page, so please accept it.

1. About collection of personal information.
I’ll collect the minimum personal information needed according to the destination.

2. About use of personal information and an offer.
Acquired personal information is used in the limit by which business needs the execution top in the reach of the use destination.
When using it beyond the reach in the use destination, I get consent and do beforehand.
I won’t offer information to a third person without customer’s permission except for the case a decree sets.

3. The use purpose of personal information
* Answer to a question
* Management of the correspondence history
* Will communication for service improvement

4. About proper management of personal information.
Accuracy of personal information is kept and this is managed safely.
I make an effort toward prevention to illegal access to personal information, loss, destruction, garble and a leak, etc. and put safety control measure into effect.

5. About confirmation of personal information and correction, etc..
When a customer could ask elucidation about customer’s personal information, I’ll check the contents and answer promptly.
When correction could be asked by the reason which will be for the contents’ being not fact later, I’ll investigate and answer appropriately.
Please inform us of an unclear point.

6. Improvement of mechanism of obeying of a decree and personal information protection
A model of a decree about personal information protection and other things is obeyed as well as it’s concerned with our personal information protection based on a basic policy.
I organize, maintain a system and prescriptive kinds and work on the improvement and improvement continually.

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