Plastics, a package, a spoon, a fork and a knife are a product maker of a muddler and cutlery for a HOUKEN industrial corporation.

The advantage of the HOUKEN Sangyo

■The highest quality in plastic tableware
Houken Sangyo puts years of experience to the test everyday in order to produce plastic tableware of the highest quality. Yet, the process of serving customer needs begins well before that with highly creative planning, seasoned design skills and production plants strategically located in Japan and abroad.
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■Safe dependable products
Injection-molded and sheet molded products from Houken Sangyo are produced, assembled and packaged in a clean environment equipped with state-of-the-art molding machines and automatic packging lines. Stringent quality control techniques honed in Japan have been introduced at factories in China to ensure products are safe, dependable and of uniform quality.
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 Our name, Houken Sangyo, plays off the kanji for “packaging” and “research.” And, as that name suggests, we have virtually researched and explored every imaginable theme having to do with packaging, which has enabled us to faithfully meet demands and grow as a business alongside our customers.
Over the years, those demands have been broad in nature, ranging from high-end specifications and meticulous quality requirments to affordable pricing and speedy delivery. Even amidst today’s trend towards endless diversity, we continue to look squarely and seriously at customer demands, nimbly coordinate efforts between sales operations and production, and collaborate with many supporting companies and researchers. This attitude and the results that have come from it earned us the customer’s trust when we first got started and have maintained that trust ever since.
Going forward, we want to keep applying the know-how cultivated with plastic tableware and maintain our network of business associates in order to continue to develop and supply customer-pleasing products. We will march ahead as a united workforce towards loftier targets and markets that change with the times, all the while remembering our humble roots and founding spirit, so that we may grow alongside our customers and suppliers.
Rest assured, we will do everything within our power to provide you with the products you need.

Noboru Morioka
President, Houken Sangyo Co., Ltd.


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