Plastics, a package, a spoon, a fork and a knife are a product maker of a muddler and cutlery for a HOUKEN industrial corporation.


About Tableware product


●Product materials
Our tableware products are made of polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), wood or paper, with polystyrene being the most popular. Containers and packaging are made of polypropylene or polyethylene (PE).
●Material features
•• PS: Clear as a base product, highly rigid (breakable under certain conditions) and heat-resistant to 70 – 90˚C
•• PP: Heat- (110 – 130˚C) and oil-resistant, and soft thus less susceptible to breaking

Packaging configurations

Products are packaged and sold in the following 4 ways.
• Loose: Products are not individually packaged.
• Single: Products are individually packaged.
• 5-pack: Products are individually packaged and enclosed 5 to a sheet.
• 10-pack: Products are individually packaged and enclosed 10 to a sheet.
For product packaging specifications, see packaging information in catalogs.

Boxing configurations

Products can be either packed in plastic bags or fiberboard boxes, before enclosing in outer fiberboard boxes. For product boxing specifications, see boxing information in catalogs.

Tableware product catalog


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Forked spoons

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Noodle and Measuring spoons

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Black series

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Wood series

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Paper series

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