Plastics, a package, a spoon, a fork and a knife are a product maker of a muddler and cutlery for a HOUKEN industrial corporation.


Products & Customized products


Houken Sangyo makes tableware, packaging,and assembled and processed products. Just in tableware alone, customers can chose from the below 10 kinds of utensils.
• Spoons • Forks • Knives • Forked spoons • Muddlers • Picks • Noodle and Measuring spoons • Black series • Wood series • Paper series
Every kind of utensil comes in a vast lineup that all together add up to 250 individual items.

Customized products

Houken Sangyo can customize products by special order.
1, Turnkey services from mold-making to product manufacture (Separate charge required for molds)
2, Monogrammed and printed packaging films
3. Customer-specified coloring
4. Packaging reconfiguration

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Assembly/Processing services

Please inquire any time. TEL TEL 03-3976-6074 Reception time 10:00 - 17:00 [ Only a weekday ]

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